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Meet Our Coaches

Judy Fitzgerald ∼ Owner/Coach

Judy is a wife and mother of three daughters. She is a level 2 CrossFit certified instructor, a certified CrossFit Kids instructor and has completed many hours of on-going training in the Olympic Lifts. She has a 25 year background in the fitness industry. As an affiliate owner of CrossFit Xystum, Judy has coached and trained hundreds of individuals to perform beyond what they ever imagined. She has a passion for inspiring individuals to meet their fitness goals. Her primary focus and strength is guiding clients in making lifestyle changes so they can experience lifelong health and fitness. You will absolutely have fun in Judy’s classes!

Judy was actively involved in competitive sports during her childhood and adult life including volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, softball, and karate. Her background includes being an aerobics instructor and personal trainer as well as training new aerobic instructors and personal trainers.

After receiving chronic injuries from a car accident which lead to surgeries and ongoing treatments, Judy became even more motivated to continue leading an active and physically fit life. Judy embarked on a mission to find safe and functional exercises that would benefit everyone regardless of age, fitness level, or physical limitations. She found the answer in CrossFit.

Soon after experiencing a six week CrossFit challenge, Judy became a certified CrossFit instructor and committed herself in training her existing clientele in the CrossFit methodologies. From marathon runners, black belt martial artists, doctors, professional executives, business owners, and the most challenging profession of all, domestic engineers, Judy’s CrossFitters have experienced profound physical improvements they never thought possible.

Tom Fitzgerald ∼ Owner/Coach

Tom is a husband and father of three daughters. Tom has a 30 year law enforcement background, holding various training certifications that include: Defensive Tactics Instructor, Physical Training Instructor, and Firearms Instructor. From training recruits in academies to training non-public sector individuals along the years, training people has always been Tom’s passion.

As an affiliate coach and owner since 2009, Tom has coached and trained hundreds of individuals to do more than they ever thought possible. Tom holds Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit Instructor Certifications, CrossFit Kids Instructor Certification and is a certified CrossFit Judge. Tom holds a first place in the Master’s Division as a USAW Olympic Weightlifting, competitor. He won a gold medal at the 2014 Police and Fire Olympic CrossFit Competition. Also in the 214 CrossFit Open Tom qualified and competed in the Master’s Qualifiers in 2014 and 2015. The Master’s Qualifiers for the Masters Division is the equivalent to the Regionals in the Open Division. Tom placed 8th in his age division, in the 2014 Spartan Beast. Tom is a true believer in the CrossFit methodologies and knows first hand there is no strength and conditioning program out there that can match the results that can be found in CrossFit.

“We really don’t care how out of shape you may be. For some reason people like to hold on to the, I’m too out of shape, card. If you commit yourself to success, you have no other choice but to succeed. Everyone brings weaknesses and inabilities in varying degrees. Those traits are nothing more than speed bumps. If you have heart and determination and apply that to CrossFit, your weaknesses become strengths and your inabilities become personal records.”

Drew Henschen ∼ CrossFit Coach

Drew is new to the San Diego area, arriving in Aug 2016, after being stationed abroad with the military in Turkey for the last 2 years. It was there that he transitioned from being just a Crossfit enthusiast of 4 years to a CF Level 1 coach running “Incirlik Crossfit,” a military affiliate on base for his final year there. He comes to SD with his wife, 3 dogs, and cat.

Drew has always lived an active life style; growing up as a competitive soccer player and swimmer in Ohio, and continuing his adult life getting lost in the mountains of Colorado snow skiing, hunting, hiking, camping and just living life to the fullest. He’s always had that friendly competitive nature, which is one of the reasons he’s so enthusiastic and committed to the Crossfit world and bettering those who want to become healthier, fitter, and just plain be a better human being!

He loves Crossfit’s welcoming community, commitment to truth in health and fitness, and never ending dedication to the betterment of the individual. “My favorite thing about coaching Crossfit is seeing that person who maybe never touched a barbell, or maybe never gotten a pull up before, surprise themselves! There’s just nothing better than watching someone reach a goal that they never thought they could reach, no matter how big or small the goal is.”

Drew brings a fun, positive, can-do personality to the gym where all can feel welcome. “I understand the hesitation and shyness that may keep a lot of people from ever entering the Box. I was that person just 5 years ago!! Trust me, we’re not that scary... let your curiosity loose and come join us for a class.”

Jesus Gonzalez ∼ CrossFit Coach

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Nicola Lobach ∼ CrossFit Coach

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Mike Lowry ∼ CrossFit Coach

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Ramiro Rodriguez ∼ CrossFit Coach

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