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CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Xystum

CrossFit Kids is now here at CrossFit Xystum. Even if your child is not inclined to get too excited about exercise, that is OK. We are going to combine exercise with fun and games to give the child a positive connection between fitness and fun.

CrossFit Kids at CrossFit boxes are producing kids who are stronger, faster and more durable than their competition! Bio-chemists are also collecting data that show strong correlations between kids strength and conditioning programs and cognitive brain function! It’s not about the weights, but about the neurotransmissions from the body to the brain that create a huge positive hormonal and cognitive affect.

Last summer we had a fun time running two 4 week classes for the kids to get a taste of CrossFit. This year CrossFit Xystum’s program will be a more age appropriate long term/lifestyle approach to kid strength, conditioning and nutrition. We have cutting edge information and programming that will absolutely translate into propelling your child’s mental, emotional and physical performance! Tell your friends...this is going to be huge!

CrossFit Kids Schedule

School Year Monday 4:00 pm, Wednesday 4:00 pm
Summer Hours* Monday 10:00 am, Wednesday 10:00 am

* After June 5th

“CrossFit Kids”  

Rates (6 Weeks)

Kids of Members $99
Kids of Non-members $129