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CrossFit Xystum Programs

Group Training

At CrossFit Xystum there are no contracts and you are guaranteed to have personal instruction with EVERY WORKOUT! These are personal training sessions in a group setting. There is no wandering around staring aimlessly at equipment. You get the benefit of quality coaching for a fraction of the normal personal training price.

“On Ramp”

Each new member will be required to attend a Tuesday and Thursday On-Ramp class. These classes are included in your monthly fee. The purpose of this series of classes is to have the CrossFit beginner understand the proper body mechanics involved with functional compound movement. Once the basic mechanics are understood and properly demonstrated, the individual will be better prepared to successfully assimilate into the group classes. On Ramp is mandatory unless you are an experienced CrossFitter. Monday’s class needs to be completed before the Wednesday class. Some beginners may need more indoctrination than others.

Get the basics at no extra cost! Sign-up on the white board in the front room.

On-Ramp Schedule

Monday 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Wednesday 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

For those whose work schedule make it impossible for those times then you will need to book an appointment for a 1-on-1 “Fundamentals Class.” This class takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and costs $65. We base times primarily on your availability. If this class is needed, please call or text (760) 807-4566 to make an appointment.

CFX Bootcamp

These classes will enable participants to develop balanced functional fitness. A total body blast to turn up your fat fighting furnace and tone up those muscles. The hour will be broken into three segments: a warm up with dynamic mobility/flexibility exercises, core to extremity strengthening exercises, and a bootcamp-style workout dedicated to aerobic and anaerobic conditioning - all the similar components to a CrossFit workout without the use of barbells or technically advanced movements that barbells require. We will also have the nutritional component which is critical for optimal success.

After a few months participants may want to take it up a notch and join our CrossFit ranks and/or others may enjoy to just continue with CFX Bootcamp. There will be no pressures either way. We just want you to engage and stay engaged to get fit and remain fit.

“What Is CrossFit”  

“Girl Power”  

Rates - No Commitments Required

Individual Unlimited $140
Unlimited LE, FD, Mil $125
Wounded War Veterans
FFP Sponsorship
Unlimited High School $125
Unlimited High School GPA 3.0+ † $115
Full-time College Student ‡ $100
Drop-Ins (CrossFit experience req.) $20/day
CrossFit Kids (6 weeks)
CrossFit Kids (6 weeks)

† Report card required
‡ Class schedule required